(Year Of the Dog)
Chongqing Restaurant in Surrey, B.C.
February 17th 2018

Freda D'Souza, Ian Baxter, Keith Vint and Thea Baxter

Eric Liu and Leslie Michael chat up the gals:
Bina, Jenny Sequeira and Crystal Menezes

"And that's the way it was..." Betty Tibbits recounting her recent Indian adventures to Jasmine Gardner and Fatma Amir?

Fatma (all smiles!) and Amir Nanji with Geoff Hayes

Soup's up! Gerry Mackie, Ron Gardner and Betty Mackie tuck in...

Keith Vint and Thea Baxter enjoying their meal,
Jeanette Vint looks on with a smile

Eric with Rosemary Wright and her daughter Caroline

Mmm...tastes yummy. Marie & Ashley Orton with Raywyn Erickson-Currie

Gerry & Betty Mackie, Jasmine Gardner, Betty Tibbits,
Fatma and Amir Nanji, Geoff Hayes, Lesley Jack and Margaret Deefholts

Bea Pereira, Bina, Jenny Sequeira, Crystal Menezes,
Marie & Ashley Orton, Raywyn and Ian Currie

Margaret joins the guys - Eric Liu, Trevor Wright and Brian D'Souza

Thea Baxter with Jeanette Vint

Ashley's tickled about something! With his wife Marie and Raywyn and Ian Currie

A Birthday surprise!