Dear Members,

I'm sure you are all enjoying these lovely long sunny days of summer, and rarely sit down in front of your computer! However, as and when you do, I hope you'll take a look at some of the new additions to the site - i.e. the Confederation Day party pictures, and those taken during a trip over to Gibsons and Bowen island earlier this month. Eric Liu was the man behind the camera and, as always, he has provided us with a great selection of shots.

Update as of August 24th:

Up on the site are a couple of new items, i.e. our picnic pictures taken on the occasion of International Anglo Indian Day. It wasn't as well attended as we'd hoped, but according to Eric, (he and Jacquie captured the event on camera), it was a relaxed and enjoyable function.

Also now up on the website are pictures of a joyous family christening - Jacquie and Leslie/Ivana Michael welcomed the addition of a baby granddaughter, Quincy. Take a look!

Please do send me your travel shots, stories and any other pieces of information, links etc., which you think our readers might find enjoyable. This website depends on your contributions.

Happy days!